Introducing the directors and senior managers of Dynamyx


Here at Dynamyx we value the diversity of backgrounds we hail from. Our mutual respect of one another's expertise is integral to our success, as is the humour and integrity that makes every member of the Dynamyx team valuable. 

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John Webb
Chief Executive Officer

John has a background of building IT businesses from establishment to sale and has advised on rapid growth models in the IT sector. He lists being named UK’s 19th fastest growing unlisted company (Virgin fast Track: 1997) amongst his previous successes.

Ranvir Gupta FCA
Chief Finance Officer

Ranvir Gupta is our Finance Director and Company Secretary and has extensive experience as CFO within both private and public companies. Ranvir has been with Dynamyx since 2005 and worked in close collaboration with John Webb since 2003.

Gabriel Malherbe
Chief Technical Officer

Gabriel Malherbe is responsible for the IT strategy and application approach of Dynamyx. He is recognised as one of the leading K2.net architects and developers and is currently contributing to a book on the subject of workflow.

Alex Jablonowski

Alex Jablonowski, a senior international banker, is the former CEO of Barclays’ international and offshore operations. Alex’s current portfolio of interests includes his co-authorship of “The Art of Better Retail Banking” and he draws on his extensive experience of Middle Eastern, Eastern European and offshore markets as a noted speaker on banking. Alex has been with Dynamyx since 2005 and worked with John Webb since 2002.

Alex Dyce
Non-Executive Director

During his 32 years with Barclays, Alex Dyce served in various senior executive and board level positions throughout the USA, South Americas and Europe. As the former Head of European Asset Management for Barclays’ Retail Businesses in Europe, Alex’s expertise primarily lies in wealth management and offshore sectors.

Alex now exercises his expertise in various Chairman and director positions of fund management subsidiaries and joint ventures. He has consistently delivered his practised understanding of investment management, compliance, governance and regulation across borders and cultures to Dynamyx since 2007.