Process Centre of Excellence

The Process Centre of Excellence allows business stakeholders to maintain ownership of processes, be involved in the articulation, validation, improvement and change control. Outcomes actively pursued during discovery and articulation workshops include:

  • Definition of the core end-to-end process under review as well as the higher level context
  • Brainstorming of key objectives, issues, improvement suggestions and metrics for the process(es) under review
  • Applying lean service and service blueprinting principles to ensure that role players, operational controls, triggers and process end steps are adequately defined
  • Simple environment where all stakeholders can actively participate in the live elaboration and definition of processes as foundation for automation, compliance, business continuity, training, process improvement and business performance benchmarking
  • Effective Process Management (BPM) tools, you’ll have full control of your back-office operations
  • Creation of a baseline process that is easy to understand by business users and systems staff in a format that can include project plans, presentations, document record or interactive operations manual/web based process repository system

University of Exeter
We are proud to be an active participant in the University of Exeter - Service Science Forum.
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