Asset Finance Companies

Deliver sophisticated document-centric constructs required within loan processing and fund management business processes. User interface presentations (Image viewer(s), action buttons, data grids, etc.), CAM datasheets, line-of-business system data and 3rd-party information are presented within a single view for simple access, reference and processing.

These task-specific interfaces and their related content can then be associated with specific steps within a workflow process, different types of user roles, and any data field (or set of data fields). The solution determines the user preferences as defined by the Personalisation utilities and the privileges specified within both Active Directory and other defined security measures which dictate the final end-user experience.

With the system now managing the mundane and often repetitive low value tasks, Loan Processors are free to expend their work effort toward higher value tasks such as analysis and decision making. This not only drives lower cycle times but also delivers significantly higher loan processing productivity and loan quality.

  • Loan Documents are automatically aggregated and presented based on work being performed
  • Missing documents are displayed and notifications are automatically sent
  • A CAM (Credit Application Memorandum) database may be accessed via smart forms (eform) presenting a comprehensive and consolidated view of borrower, loan and document details
  • Work is electronically routed to regional underwriters based on workload, region and/or loan type