Fleet System

As a Fleet Operations Manager or Accident Claim Manager you will be aware of the importance of real time task tracking, reporting, data quality control and the timely initiation of maintenance activities across your or your clients’ vehicle fleets.

The Dynamyx Fleet System is designed to turn data into information. It gives visibility of your fleet operations while at the same time simplifying data entry and reporting to ensure that you have a finger on the pulse and can quickly step in when required.

Dynamyx Fleet System is a robust solution that enables you to cost effectively manage the full vehicle asset and claims lifecycle as well as accident records and remediation activities in one place.

Dynamyx Fleet System was built for purpose. If you are looking to move away from manual, spreadsheet or ad hoc driven processes to a predictable, reliable and easy to use system that can be further extended and customised to accommodate your unique requirements you need to see this system.


  • Incident, maintenance, inspection, hires and claims workflow management
  • Fleet list import
  • Automated task priority flagging
  • Client data management
  • Automated claim handling activities
  • Notification reports, operational reports for accidents, client reports and finance reports
  • Report builder
  • Web interface to provide access from anywhere via a web browser interface
  • Vehicle and driver information only needs to be logged into the system once
  • 10,000’s of vehicles can be managed in one database with the ability to create further custom reports for advanced asset management