Whether Broker, Insurer, Underwriter or Agent, all organisations have to drive efficiency into their process while delivering quantifiable business benefit to the organisation.

Dynamyx is a solutions provider to the London, Lloyds and International commercial and specialty insurance markets. We are a market leader in delivering web based document management and front to back office web based underwriting and claims case workflow and case management solutions. We provide the expertise technology and know how to make work flow from the front office to the middle and back office, automating processes and making sure work arrives at the right place at the right time. Dynamyx systems can provide reporting, leading to useful insights into your business such as highlighting where best to channel your efforts to get better at what you do.

Dynamyx have solutions that deliver rapid return and can also take your ideas and turn them into bespoke solutions for your organisation.

  • Broking, Underwriting and Claims Document Management solutions
  • Underwriting and Claims Workflow and Case Management
  • Document Generation ‘Wordings’
  • Reporting

Insurance – Core Processes

Automate Insurance industry's most mission critical processes, underwriting, claims, policy servicing (MTA's and renewals) and document management. Using workflow and SharePoint, even the most complex process can be broken down into a number of simple steps. With workflow each step can be measured and data can be drawn from a number of sources to provide a single view.

With SharePoint's out-of-the-box robust reporting tools you can have the management information you need to manage and report in real time. All actions are recorded and controlled, meeting compliance requirements such as Solvency II and hence the risk management objectives required by an Insurer can be realised more easily.